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Originally Posted by jen_batten
An awesome and easy tip for getting coats on fairly quickly with littles--it sounds goofy but stay with me. Have her put the coat on the floor by her feet. The hood should be the closest thing to her feet. Now she can bend down, and put her hands in the armholes. As she stands up she can raise her arms to flip the coat up over her head and down into place. Ta-da!! I'm sure it sounds more complicated/time consuming than it is. It's really easy and most kids get a kick out of it and it will save you a little time not having to fumble around for that other sleeve.
This is going to change my life...

We seriously endure about five full minutes of wining/sobbing when my son has to put on a coat. I'm horrible at motor planning AND at verbalizing motor planning - so my poor DS and I get so frustrated with eachother. :-(
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