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Originally Posted by Firerose_RCM
Here is what I have for this spring-summer, not including special occassion heels or boots I only wear during winter:
1 pair Nike shoes (I jog in these, still like new)
2 pairs of flats (one pair is like new, the other won't last much longer)
4 pairs of flip-flops (3 Wal-Mart brand, 1 Dollar Store brand, 1 like new pair & the rest new)
1 pair wedges (loved these but they won't survive much longer)
1 pair flat sandals (I loved these and wore them alot but they're still like new)
3 pairs dressy sandals (wore these occassionally, all like new)
I'm going to replace the pair of flats and the wedges that are almost destroyed, the Dollar Store flip-flops won't last a week once I start wearing them so i'm going to buy another pair or 2 of Wal-Mart flip-flops to replace them, i'm going to buy another pair of wedges, and at least 2 more pairs of flat sandals. That will leave me with around 15 or so pairs of shoes for this spring-summer which is way less than I had last year and just the right amount for me. So how many pairs do you have for this spring-summer? Do you think you have just the right amount, too many, too little?
I have 2 pairs. I am barefoot all the time at home and have 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of sandals that I wear when out of the house.
I would prefer to go barefoot all the time but the it's just not practical

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