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Re: Are we stuck in the 1950's???

OMG that article made me LOL, especially since I gave birth last night. "Call your husband Daddy..." I hate the idea of women calling their husbands daddy or their husbands call them mommy. My husband has a NAME and I have a NAME. I am mommy to my children and my name to my husband. I'm not his mother, he's not my father, LOL! It's creepy! Naked postpartum massages? HA! I don't think he would appreciate this rubra lochia that is oozing out my vajayjay getting all over the sheets, his back, the blankets, etc.

I just gave him the beautiful gift of his son. My body has been ravaged by pregnancy and childbirth, and now it's being ravaged by breastfeeding and the postpartum period. And all of it was done to bring his offspring into the world for his benefit. My body has dedicated the last 9 months to essentially being an incubator for his child. The least he can do is act like an adult (and expect to be treated as one!).
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