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DH watches kid like grandparent

I'm starting to wonder if my husband is the only one who watches his daughter like a grandparent would. Don't get me wrong, he's a great dad and husband, but it us 4:30am and I'm feeding DD2 because I couldn't keep her asleep anymore. DH popped his head in the room awhile ago saying she might be hungry... What the heck? I was gone for the evening at a meeting and he just had to make sure she ate dinner. Is that too much to ask?

He has her alone at least one day a week so it isn't like he had never been on his own before. Many times I get home with DD1 from fencing around 9pm, and DD2 is still awake, even though her bed time is 7:30. Or, if she is asleep, she's sleeping on the couch without her teeth brushed, and no night diaper. Ugh! If he was a babysitter, we would fire him!

I told him once to at least brush her teeth because my ex didn't make DD1 brush her teeth and she had awful problems with cavities. That helped for a while, but now he just keeps her up do I have to do everything.... After she is overtired and crabby.

I don't even think talking to him will do anything anymore. I feel like I complain to him about various things too often and I'm running out of complaining credit. :P It's all stuff like this though, that I don't feel like I can let go.

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