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Re: Making Flats out of something other than Birdseye

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I was reading about people making them from old sheets (I don't think that would snappy?), curtains, etc. So would a Woven (like quilting weight) work? Also I've read people use old flannel receiving blankets as flats. What about old tshirts or stretch 100% cotton jersey knits? I think I might have some 100% cotton waffle knit also. (like thermal underwear fabric) Would the stretch make them work better (Would it be easier since t-shirts are snappyable?) Would stretch Cotton Terry work? I also have gauzy muslin fabric like A&A blankets... Would that work?

Does anyone have any non-birdseye flats? What works well? Anyone have 2 layer flats? (Like a turned and topstitched with different fabrics?) Is there such a thing as a 2 layer flat?

Feel free to bounce ideas off me! Any advise welcome!
I have made some; I do prefer the birdseye ones, but will be glad to share other things too
If you're wanting to snappi, a fabric that has a not very tight weave is good, such as birdseye or diaper gauze. It also needs to be tough enough to stand up to repeated snappi-ing, or cheap enough that you don't care so much if it wears out and are fine with repurposing it as a dishrag. Those are the main points to keep in mind. Specific fabrics--a woven that is quilt weight isn't going to be ideal, because it's neither snappi friendly nor inexpensive. There is also very little absorbency in quilt weight wovens, though they certainly are cute! I have made flats out of old flannel sheets. They work fine; I do not snappi, but imagine they would do well with that. Cotton jersey, if not a tissue knit, is also a good choice. Be careful when using old sheets, etc. (receiving blankets too) as fabric softener buildup can be present and will interfere with your using them as diapers.

If you have a serger (I assume?) Then it is super easy. Hem with rounded corners to 27x27 or 32x32, tuck ends of thread in, done. I prefer the larger size flat for my toddler. Turned and topstitched flats are also fine. I find that a serged edge stays flat and is easier to fold, whereas a t&t tends to curl and is of course thicker. There is no reason not to do a 2 layer flat, it's not typical, but it works fine and you can use 2 different kinds of fabric as your preference or need dictates (absorbent inner, cute print outer?) etc. If you decide, or must, turn and topstitch I suggest at least a 3/4" seam allowance. Anything smaller creates a really thick, small edge which is annoying for both folding and drying.

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