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Ever since our dd came along (now 11 months) things have been on the rocks with my in-laws for both DH and myself. MIL isn't in picture, I am not even sure she knows she is a grandmother but DH chooses not to make contact with her which is fine. She beat him as a child and is bipolar/not diagnosed nor medicated....

We are both on the outs with 1 SIL who my DH was closest to as she blew up at us after dd was born for various reasons. We suspect she may be following in mothers footsteps as far as mental health goes but she won't listen to anyone to go see a doctor...

Other SIL who neither of us were close to before is closest of family now- we get along much better than before.

FIL is just...smh... He's so very old school and he seemed so excited to be a grandpa, but more and more things he does irk us- he seems to only view our dd as a trophy for him to brag about/show off. He doesn't actually spend much time with her at all even though we provide plenty of opportunities. Some recent comments from him are driving us bonkers with upcoming holidays. He's upset we won't be out on thanksgiving to in-laws large family dinner (extended extended family). But I have to work in the afternoon for a few hours and then I asked my mom to hold our dinner after that so we really don't have time and since in-laws family does another dinner Friday night we figured we could go to that. FIL says "well that's fine, just as long as all my brothers see Kaycee".... whatever. Mind you she gets very shy in large groups of people, clings to me, won't go to anyone else- will start crying...and they are the type that will crowd her, so I already suspect it won't go over well. He's so old school, has made comments why we don't give dd formula (she bf's and has never had formula) he makes these comments about us spoiling her (we don't let her cry, won't do cry it out, hold her a lot) and that we need to make sure she knows who is ok the list goes on.

Ahh gotta love em...
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