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Originally Posted by GreyMum
So, say you use a kitchenaid mixer 1-2 times a week? You put it away after each use??? Those things are heavy. We seriously have so many things on the counters . . . microwave, coffee maker, food processor, pens in a cup, rice maker, ka mixer, toaster, and tons of mail and misc toys. We still keep a lot of toddler toys in the kitchen too.
I use my kitchen aid at least that many times. I also have a wheat mill and Electrolux DLX that I use 1-2 times per week. They all live in the cabinet right below my working area. I just pick it up and put it right in, and shut the door.

The only things that live on my kitchen counters are : the knife block, a candle, a spoon rest that holds salt and pepper shakers, soap (although that's technically on the sink), and a toaster and coffee maker.
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