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Re: Need Help. Does OB's plan sound right? How can I go the natural route?

Having dealt with 6 years of secondary IF I can tell you that my experience says it's pretty common to go meds/treatments without necessarily know exactly what is wrong. There are two reasons for this.

A) most women dealing with infertility don't actually care WHAT is wrong, they just want a baby. Many women just want to feel like SOMETHING is being done and don't feel like testing testing testing is really all that productive.

B) many times, the various treatments for different causes is still the same. We don't know the actual real reason for our secondary IF. There were a couple of different ideas, from male factor IF to high FSH numbers that came back on a blood test. But the treatments for the different things they thought we might be dealing with were all the same. So we went ahead with the IUI and then IVF. And when we did the IVF they told us that we were unlikely to ever conceive on our own. And then we went on to have two more surprises. These docs were fertility specialists, and they were still just guessing. Because unfortunately in the world of infertility, there's still a lot that is just a guess.
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