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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon

I do have to wonder though if they are really stealing customers, or just creating their own market of customers. Someone who is willing to pay $20-30 for a US made/designed diaper and who has ethical reservations about paying $5 for a China made fake brand, is a very different customer than someone who isn't willing to pay $20-30 for a diaper when they can get an imitation for $5. The customers that alva is picking up and holding in to aren't nexessaily customers that would be buying from Cotton Babies or Grovia on a regular basis. Does that make sense? I still think these companies are in the wrong, I'm more just thinking out loud.
I'm still working through this thread, but I just have to reply to this because I think it's very interesting food for thought.

In 2006, there were about 15 cloth diapering mamas in my entire state (Alabama). At least, that were online in any way. Six years later, there in a CD in AL Facebook group with over 100 members!

I would say that 75% of these mamas started out using China cheapies exclusively. They were lured in by the "cute" prints and the price, and it got them hooked on cloth. But, what I have noticed is once they are hooked, they start looking at the bigger name US based companies and even WAHM dipes. These are mamas that never would have fathomed starting CD with a stash of BGs or Grovia because of the price.

Alvas have been a major "gateway diaper" in my own community. It's really interesting to watch.

This is not me condoning them using others prints in any way whatsoever. But I agree with you that these diapers appeal to a different market, for the most part, than the big name US based company diapers do.

I have a question, if anyone might have any ideas. HOW does Alva get their hands on these prints? If they are designed and created in house for Grovia or Bumgenius, how does Alva get them in the first place. With the exception of Michael Miller carnival bloom, these aren't fabric you can get at a fabric store.
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