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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by mms1972 View Post
IMO...those 2 brands seem like rebranded Alvas actually..I 've had both and they are pretty similar...just maybe some custom features added....I think the Imagine pocket is a more unique option when looking for a cheaper alternative.... I may be the only one but I don't have a problem with Alvas as far as the actual diaper goes...yes I think its crappy of them to steal those patterns...and hopefully something can be done about it BUT I really am glad there is option for those who can't afford a $15-$20 diaper. And it is kinda offensive to say...well they can just use prefold/flats......prefold/flats are not for everyone so if I was reading this thread and used alvas because of $$$$ issues I would be offended.

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I agree with you. I have all three-- Alva, Diapersafari, and Imagine and except for the print I would have a hard time telling the difference. I strongly dislike flats and prefolds are barely tollerable after the newborn stage. Personally I would choose a "cheapie" over sposies since DH will not use prefold or even fitteds.

I don't condone what that they "stole" those few prints but it seams they have plenty of other prints to choose from. TBH most of the WAHM ones to get a cute print you have to pay big bucks and I am not willing/can't do that.
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