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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
Wow-- I had no idea that this was evening happening. I bought some Alva's off FSOT since they were cheap and I needed pockets for daycare.

I can see the lure for cheaper pockets. Not everyone can afford the $20 a piece for WAHM diapers if they need a certain brand. But it has been nice to see others like Diapersafari and Diaper Junction coming out with a less expensive pocket
I can say without any hesitation on my part that the Diaper Safari pockets are just rebranded Alvas so they don't win any brownie points from me. I can't speak for the Diaper Junction Pockets. I own an Alva and a Diaper Safari that are so identical I actually have to look at the tag to figure out which one is which. They even have the same funky, shiny fabric at the front opening on the pocket.
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