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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by fluffycheeks View Post
I can't speak for those brands in particular. But I do know that, as a retailer, I get contacted ALL. THE. TIME. from companies like Alva offering to take my logo and slap it on their products. And there are tons of US retailers that do this. Join Zulily or any other deal of the day site and at least once a week, you will see the rebranded Alva diapers come through with a different name on the label. And something else that is infuriating to me is that they try to make people feel like they are getting a good deal - A $25 diaper that we have marked down to $12.99!!!! Hurry and buy them before they are gone! But those who are familiar know they are all $4.00 diapers.

And I don't intend to make anyone feel bad. One of the first diapers I bought was a Kawaii years ago when I didn't know all about this. But hopefully, when we know better, we do better.
I have complained to Zulily MANY times and they SWEAR nothing they sell (for 10 bucks each) is a rebranded Alva even when I showed that for several brands they offered the pictures on Zulily were takes DIRECTLY from the ALva website. They are totally ripping people off and it's why I no longer buy from Zulily.
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