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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by laineypaige View Post
I'm honestly getting more and more turned off by this board. Here I thought it was a group of very accepting, non judgmental women, but this post is showing people's true colors. I commented several posts after the one where I said that I would probably buy from Alva again, just not stolen prints, that this was really making me think, and instead of being encouraging and stating your sincere opinions in a kind way, you say nothing but "No comments!" as if you can't believe I would do such a thing. It was rude and unnecessary unless that was your intention, to make me feel bad, which I guess maybe it was.
I, personally, am not judging moms for buying Alvas. It doesn't change the fact that buying Alva diapers supports their business practices. Voting with your wallet, so to speak. Giving them money for their product while knowing what they do is rewarding the real "bad guy".

If you didn't know, then you're not really a part of this equation at all.
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