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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by Boohakis View Post
As a new to cloth mama, I will say that in my opinion, this forum seems to foster a general feeling of distaste for those mamas who use brands such as Sunbaby, Alva, etc

It has turned me off to this forum as well. As if because we can't afford $15-20 diapers we aren't "real" CD-mamas.

It's amazing how much some people care about and judge others for what diapers others choose for their family.

Apparently, being accepting and non-judgmental doesn't fall under the "crunchy" category.

Im sorry you feel that way The difference between diaperswappers and the other groups that just do coops is we love and encourage our wahms here. A lot have gotten their starts here before they turned big!! I hope you can see past us not running alva and find way more topics you can relate to here! We are more than just diapers and fluff!!!
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