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Re: Another MIL post..WWYD?

Originally Posted by lizxvx View Post
The drama isn't about the gift, but now that I think she feels entitled to be involved since she bought us a gift. We found out yesterday that baby has dropped and is engaged and my step MIL was super excited so she posted on fb about how she was so excited to be a grandma and can't wait..then MIL comes back on step MIL fb with this (I took out my DH and SIL name),

"I guess it must be. Nobody has ever loved 'J' more than me, but, he doesn't make time for me, and is not part of my life. I haven't talked to him since spring. Every time I tried to call or email, he acted like it made him angry. So I stopped. He never called me to tell me it was a boy. I found out when I told 'A' one day that I liked the name Sophia. She told me it was a boy. Neither 'A' nor me knew the name was Oliver till today. For some reason, he has been hateful toward me almost since he married Liz. Oliver is the name we had picked if 'A' was a boy. It was going to be Oliver Ben."
Good grief. Why are MIL and step MIL FB friends anyway? Sounds like a recipe for disaster there. Now she's claiming to have named your baby, and implying it's your fault that her son doesn't like her. If she sent the gift anonymously, IMO she shouldn't expect a thank you not. I think returning it will cause more drama, I'd send a thank you from baby and be done with it.
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