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Re: Question re: time-outs

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
I would find another sitter. How long is she keeping your LO in time out?

My 5 year old struggles to hold it. He gets a 5 minute time out (1 minute per year of age) If he has to go while in TO them he can go potty but the timer starts over when he gets back.
This is how we do it. I know more than one kid who would pee on timeout for power, and that's not a battle I want.

Eta: I say trust your gut. Under 3 is kind of young to expect full bladder control, especially when she was already upset about time out. I also think its young to be cleaning up body fluids in general. The whole scenario seems more developmentally appropriate for a 4 year old. Or a mature 3 year old. But not 2. And I'm all for natural consequences.

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