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Re: Suggest toys for my 10mo old

One word of advice on the train - when all the blocks come off, the stacking parts are basically spikes. We let our DS free play a lot by himself and watch from a bit away, because I want him to play with things how he sees fit. Eventually he would lose interest in the train, and one time bailed backwards onto the empty stacking parts. He rarely cries when he bails and he was freaking out, I think it really hurt. Now when he takes all the stuff off and loses interest, I take the train bases out and let him play with the blocks.

Also, my DS loves to take things apart and inspect them, and put them back together. One of his favorite things is to unscrew lids off things. I bought some containers from Target and the Container store, as well as gave him an empty Nalgene bottle, and he likes to unscrew the lids and try to see how they all fit together. Not a toy to buy per se, but I see him playing with that a ton.
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