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Re: Another MIL post..WWYD?

I would keep the gift and just completely ignore her. I don't even think you owe her a thank you note if the gift came without any indication about who it was from.

FWIW, my DH has a real mom, ex-step-mom, and current step-mom. We speak to all of them. There was a period of time when DH didn't speak to his real mom for a couple of years (before we met). Although we speak to her now, we never expect much out of her. There was also a period of time when DH didn't speak to his real dad for a couple of years and his dad blamed me. I handled it by showing up at his dad's door (alone) with a big smile on my face and telling him that I just wanted to stop by and say hi since I didn't get to see him much any more. He was shocked, but let me in and we talked for a little while. It didn't change anything between my DH & his dad, but it did stop his dad from blaming me.
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