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Re: The battle of the bulge

He doesn't get into the car seat with his coat. We put it on at home, then when he's in the car, he takes it off, gets strapped in and wears it backwards with a fleece coat over his legs, depending on the temps. He takes the bus home, though, and sometimes they have to wait a few minutes outside before the bus arrives.

DH is suggesting I give him "a talk" when I get home. It's been a bit of a battle to discipline DS by taking away things because my mother and sister both spoil him terribly. Even though I've requested they stop.

Perhaps providing a light jacket in his book bag would work best for us, just in case he realizes Mommy and Daddy were right and decides to put it on.

I'm just a bit too tired to function. Sleepless nights and full days at work with a baby on the way in 3 weeks is taking its toll on me.
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