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Re: Black stool?

Originally Posted by Urchin View Post
I don't know if the pain you're having is related, but I had the exact same pain when I had hydronephrosis during my pregnancy. My ureters were blocked by the baby/uterus. It was misdiagnosed as a few things (stones, etc) before an ultrasound showed what was going on.

Dark stool like you're describing may mean that you're bleeding higher in your digestive tract. Since it's black, the blood is old, which is concerning. I would ask your doc for further testing on both issues!
I would think if I was bleeding higher in my digestive tract, I would be vomiting it up, no? I still have a touch of morning sickness, and throw up several times a week, though not every single day, and there's no blood in it.

Also, when I lay on my back, my uterus is SUPER low... the pain seems way too high to be my ureters. I also had an ultrasound a week ago when I went in for the pain, and they didn't note anything. :/
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