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Re: Thanksgiving home-made musts!

Everything for us but dd has food allergies so we don't have a choice on certain things.

I am ok with stove top stuffing- actually prefer it

And I'd be ok with a store cooked turkey if mil is making the turkey- I love the woman to death but she makes the driest and most flavorless turkey and gravy ever to be served.

They usually buy rolls too, but I would prefer to make them

All desserts that I want our homemade, but I don't mind store bought pies. Don't really have a preference- I prefer to make them and its a requirement with dd's allergies. Homemade cake over store bought always

Hate boxed mashed potatoes and canned yams - those really need to be fresh and homemade. I don't like cranberry sauce at all but the stuff coming out of the can looks wrong.

I also don't like green bean casserole or anything in it except the green beans so I usually make me and dd fresh greens beans sauteed with dried cranberries and onions. Has to be my favorite way to eat green beans. Its one of the few times dd's allergies actually helps us- no one has hurt feelings if I make (and eat- dd can't be singled out and the only one eating the special dishes ) special dishes for dd.
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