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My first was a very similar experience 80 hours labor preeclampsia magnesium and the whole mess. 34 weeks 6 days he was born. Emergency section finally I was still at 0-1 dilated. My recovery was rough I had severe back pain for weeks from laboring flat on my back. Nursing was next to impossible.

I did a repeat csection for my second it wasn't perfect due to other complications but better than my first. Born at 38 weeks due to preeclampsia and GD. I also got shingles due to a very weak immune system and had a pretty miserable recovery. That said baby and u bonded and nursed better and I was happier with the experience

Baby 3 due in march is scheduled to come march 1st if I make it to 39 weeks. I do not want to ever labor again after my first I'm taking good care of myself. I've lost 140 pounds and am followed by high risk OB just in case. I'm hoping for an uneventful repeat section.

Your not crazy at all, you could not pay me enough to attempt a VBAC.
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