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2 under 2

I started ec'ing ds1 (now 21 mo) but we went on a long vacation/house sat/moved and he grew out of his cloth so he's back in disposables. He almost always pees if I sit him on the potty but he is yet to poop in it (he did when he was little but not now). Ds2 is 4 mo. I've been trying to ec both but I'm seriously thinking about taking a break with ds2 and focusing on ds1. The most frustrating part is that it seems like they've synchronized their bowel movements. I have no idea how but when ever I go to change ds2 after his morning poop I can see that ds1's diaper is sagging. Also, ds1 doesn't care if he poops in his diaper. He just runs around in it. The only way I know is if he isn't wearing pants or if I can smell him. Ugh. Any tips, ideas, encouragement?
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