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Prayers: going through a rough spell with DH

DH and I have a fairly good relationship, but recently, Ive accepted I had to do some house keeping and force some unhealthy people/habits out of our relationship for good (he has been back and forth about doing so for years but nothing consistent). Ive realized they are really causing me a lot of emotional issues, causing feelings of insecurity, pulling us farther apart, and just generally not good for our marriage. He agreed with me at one point (actually it was initially his idea to rid us of these issues), but had then gotten into the habit of overindulging in these bad habits/behaviors/people so he sees things differently now. Ive prayed about it for years and been speaking with some very trusted pastors (who he has actually know/trusted longer than I have) and realized that I had to be the one to step up and form those healthy boundaries for the betterment of our marriage (otherwise, those people/habits would erode the marriage anyway). All this to say, Ive had to essentially confront people against his will (because he was essentially just sinfully indulging. It felt good so he didnt want to stop).

I feel such a sense of relief that its DONE, and those people/habits are OVER for good, and he CLEARLY knows where I stand and what is expected from him, but I know DH will NOT be happy initially and Ill have to deal with that backlash. I know he will ultimately calm down and see the proper side of things, but right now, he is just angry and it stinks to deal with (especially right before Thanksgiving).

Just asking for prayers for his heart to soften, for him to see the other perspectives (one he once shared) and for his anger to dissipate.

Ive intentionally kept this vague. This is not about who is right/wrong. Just requesting prayers that he sees things more in line with the belief system he claims to share. Thanks for the thoughts/prayers mamas.
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