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Re: Teeth falling out really, really late?

My kids are on opposite ends of the spectrum. DD lost her first tooth before her 5th bday. She's already lost her second, has 5 more loose teeth and her 6yo molars are already coming through.

DS is 3y4.5m and STILL working on getting his 2yo molars. He will lose teeth late.

Our ped dentist said that 5-8 is the normal range for losing the first tooth. Most kids lose their first tooth around age 6. A few are early (like my DD) and a few are late (after age 8). I was average, DH was average. DD is early and DS will be late. There is no telling!

BTW, DD's mouth is SO tiny that her adult teeth are knocking out 2 baby teeth at a time, coming in behind her baby teeth, AND coming in crooked. We knew her mouth was crowded (her teeth have been touching since she got 4 across the bottom), but it's BAD now. She's going to end up with 2 rounds of orthodontia. They expect the first round to start at age 7. Be GLAD you don't have to deal with that!
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