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Re: Storage ideas for dolls??

Originally Posted by Teresa View Post
We have two daughters who share a room, and they have lots of dolls. We have a shallow plastic storage bin with lid for Barbies and Barbie accessories. We have another taller plastic storage bin with lid for Lalaloopsy dolls and accessories. The reason these go in storage bins with lids is because someo f the pieces are so small, and I'm worried about our baby choking. Plus, it's a lot of fun for them to pull out one of the bins to play, and then it's easy to clean up. Both bins go under my older daughter's bed. In the closet, we have a storage basket where we store baby dolls. And then we have a small nightstand with two drawers where we keep baby doll clothes.

I love Umphreysmommy's idea about the over the door shoe holder for Barbie storage. That would help their hair to stay nicer.
Thanks for the ideas! Right now we have 2 of those plastic drawer things in their room, but we really only use one. It's a narrow but taller one. We have a separate drawer for each: Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Mini-Lalaloopsies, Barbies (they only have 1 each right now), and Strawberry Shortcake. I'm hoping not to fill the other one up because it will be coming out of their room soon to make room for an upcycled dollhouse I'm making them for their birthdays (12/29 for both) out of an old chest of drawers. Besides that they really just have a plastic toy basket filled with dolls. Then they's couple of larger doll playsets that sit on top of ODD's dresser. I have one of those shoe holders, but mine must have shallow pockets as the Barbies just fall out when I try that. What I think I really need to do it utilize the space under their bed but I still have their old toddler bed and mattress stuck under there. I just posted it on Craigslist, but if it's not gone in a week or two I'm posting it on Freecycle just to get it out of the way since it's not anything worth a ton of money. I also just moved all of YDD's Weebles that she's outgrowing to my IL's house for all of the younger grandkids to enjoy. And I have a small My First Dollhouse that I'm going to try to sell or give away since they will have the bigger one right after Christmas.
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