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Re: Oh dear lord i need help!

honestly? It sounds more like a bit of sibling rivalry.

It's most common in the oldest child, but that doesn't mean that middle children can't feel it too. Especially if the 7month old is starting to get interested in his toys, etc.

He might simply be testing to see if you love him as much as the baby. In which case, I would put a bit of a stopper on the discipline and try to react in other ways. If he's screaming, ask him if you can read a book with him or something. It's not rewarding the behavior, it's just working on filling his 'attention cup' back up. He probably is feeling very anxious (very very normal for kids approaching 24months - they get a lot of anxiety) and just some calming activity with him might help more than discipline.

Try to find a little time for just him or maybe mostly him each day.

I suspect it's more about anxiety, a need for attention and jealousy than it is about anything else. He wants attention and he's getting it the only way he knows how.
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