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Re: WHY are MILs so terrible?

I get along well with my MIL BUT she gets on my nerves on extended visists. She has come for 3 -6 MONTHS a year for the past several years. DH works all the time and so it is me and MIL joined at the hip for weeks on end - in the pouring rain (she always comes in the winter) - with no breaks from each other. I think anyone would want to tear someones hair out being locked in a house for days and days together. She is also getting older and it is frustrating for me that she needs supervision now. It isn't that I don't adore her but I am too busy to watch someone else too. This years visit is a gloriously short 6 weeks (!!!) I am really looking forward to a short sweet visit with a pre-booked end date. We don't usually book her ticket home until she gets here and decides it is time to start looking so I never know how long it is going to be before she leaves and I get my privacy back. Knowing exactly how long her trip will be will REALLY help.

ETA - My mom is usually worse then my MIL though. My mom goes through periods where she is awful, mean, insensitive, rude, judgemental and ignores my kids. I'd rather put up with a never ending MIL visit then a bad period with my mom ANY time.

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