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When my boys got sick in 2009, they were 1 and 2.5. I think.. And dad had a stomach bug one night and so did his entire command. The families all got it. It was horrid. They puked for almost two weeks. But the baby would nurse and the oldest would drink. They literally lived off that and their body fat. We took the baby in, on around day 4. He was so pale. The fevers were causing me to go through bottles of Tylenol/ Motrin. Baby had lost 1 lb though. And they said he should run its course as long As he was not glassy eyed or too tired to drink. By day 10 he was still throwing up frequently (still nursing like a damn champ) I had the bug in the meantime and we all lived on the living room floor. I went thru piles of disposables and an insane amount of towels/ blankets. Day 10 we took him in again. He lost weight. He was down to 16lbs and was looking graunt. At that point they gave him a medicine to stop the puking. But during the stomach bug time- they want the bug to work it's way out. What exactly can the ER do? Administer fluids. Well, if he can take fluids every few hours, then he is okay. They can give meds. Giving meds isn't the best thing for the stomach bug. So-- I felt completely fine saying- give it time. I don't rush to
The ER for much anymore. Especially when you KNOW what it is.
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