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Re: Starting whole milk! What do you do?

Originally Posted by ashley84 View Post
I would really do your own research before you make the switch. I made the transition very slowly. At a year, he was still nursing 3 times and getting 1 bottle of formula every day. I started introducing a bottle of whole milk every day, in addition to his bottle of formula, somewhere between 12-13 months. He self-weaned from the breast at 13.5 months. I still kept him on a bottle of formula every day until he was around 18 months. I really believe they need that extra nutrition for at least that long. The WHO recommends that babies get breastmilk until they reach age 2. Why should it be any different with formula? I think most people transition early just to save money. There is no medical reason to transition early that I know of.
Yes it is mainly for financial reasons. There is no medical reason for the transition.

If they could BF, we would have done so. But they did not and it was too taxing on my wife to pump for twins. Just was not practical.
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