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Re: Starting whole milk! What do you do?

Originally Posted by CountryChicMama View Post
How many bottles are they still getting a day? I ask, b/c even at their age, breastmilk and formula is still considered to be the primary source of nutrition. Cow's milk in no way compares nutritionally to breastmilk or formula, that's why most will suggest you continue with the formula. If you go ahead and start the transition, I would suggest only transitioning a few of their feedings right now and maybe the others later. Plus, let's say they're taking 5-6ounce bottles of formula, I wouldn't necessarily let them have 5-6 ounce bottles of milk, kwim?
Formula is still their primary source. We give them one bottle at 7am, 11:30, 4ish, and 8ish. They are taking 7oz bottles.

We feed them other high nutrient foods (fish, meat, veggies) in-between.

They should probably be down to 3 bottles a day, but they are in the 96 percentile for height, so it's understandable. I am 6'2", and my wife is 6', so we are to blame for that.
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