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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

Originally Posted by ashley84 View Post
I have worried about this. When I handed over most of my freezer stash, I worried about what would happen if I died in a car accident on the way home. I kept back 50oz, but I think I'm going to keep back more than that from now on. I feel confident in that I pump an extra 20+ ounces a day. It's going to be easy to build it back up. I still worry about the what ifs. Thank you for posting this.

Just how much of a baseline stash should I keep? Anyone have a suggestion? I know 800oz is about the maximum I can store without having to buy another freezer. I'd like to avoid buying another freezer at this point.
I honestly wouldn't worry about it. I kept a stash for my first two babies and ended up throwing the whole thing out both times. This time I pumped over 1,500 in the first 2 months and donated it when my baby was 3 months old. This way very sick babies are getting the food they need to survive instead of my milk just sitting in my freezer getting old.

I sure hope nothing happens to me and I end up wishing i kept the milk

If you really feel you need to keep a stash, them by all means keep it! But I think it is way more likely that you will continue to nurse your baby until weaned and you will still have a freezer full of milk! But then I guess you could just give it to your LO in a cup at that point!

I hated pumping, so I was super happy when I was able to quit. My DD could only latch on my right side, so I pumped my left side to keep up my supply. But if you don't mind pumping, build up a supply for yourself and then just keep donating the rest!
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