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This kid is throwing me for a loop!

My 3rd baby is nearing 20 mos old.

She has started doing something weird. Not alarming, but strange and I can't figure it out, even though I consider myself a veteran mama....

It's like a pseudo tantrum that is caused by literally nothing.

So, an example - I'm snacking on something. She walks over and asks for some. I give her some. She tastes it and wants more. I offer more. She shakes her head no REALLY HARD and starts yelling something I can't understand (Ba-meeee-naaaahhhh-mmooooo MOMMMYYYY!). I ask if she's thirsty (and usually more questions, too...), she starts getting more frustrated, acts as if she wants to climb up on the couch - puts one leg up - then she acts like she is falling off - she's not, she's pulling her leg down on purpose - she repeats this a few times while getting more and more frustrated... then she falls to the floor, throws herself backwards and pretends to cry. It's a pretend cry. There are no tears. She's not hurt. She scrunches her face like she's crying, but it's not a real cry, it's fake.

She lays there fake crying and kicking her legs for a bit. The rolls over and does it on her belly for a bit. Then she will pull her legs under her so she's on her knees, then kick her legs out while "crying". She does this a few times. Rolls back over, then stares at me quietly, with a blank face.

Sometimes she repeats that last part until I intervene. Other times, when I don't react, she flops over, gets up, and toddles off to go play with something, or get upset about something all over again. Sometimes she gets up and hugs me and then leaves.

I'm stuck between laughing and feeling confused. It's actually kind of funny There's nothing wrong with her.

I know it will pass. I'm not feeling irritated or anything. But my other 2 kids never did this. It's so weird. LOL
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