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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

I love DH to pieces and he is a wonderful dad, but sometimes he leaves me scratching my head. It's those little things that come up. I don't want to discredit him or make him feel like less of a parent. But with some of his choices, I'll end up taking on the brunt of a cranky 1 year old who didn't get enough sleep.

He plays with her tons, but he will also spend big gobs of time watching TV while she just kinda wanders around being whiny. She ends up in a bad mood and super bored. That just kinda irks me but I also don't want to tell him how to parent. I'm not 100% on the ball at all times either, and I really don't want someone pointing that out to me!

I've had to overlook some of the smaller indiscretions and really focus on the ones that matter. For me right now, that's getting enough nap time. It would be nice to have him use a fitted diaper and CJs if she starts getting rashy. I would love it if he took her for more outtings (he rarely leaves the house with her unless he's running an errand, whereas I take her places just for the fun of it). Oh well.
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