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Dd2 had sd and was 10lb 6oz. My doc gave me options. Her 1st was not to worry and have a c-sec at 40wks. I told her I didnt care for that idea at all.

Her next suggestion was to start having u/s to measure his size at 37wks and if he weighed 8+lbs we could do an amino to check his lungs, if they were good deliver him then. I didnt like that idea either.

So then she suggested we just keep an eye on my weight/measurements, if they seemed big, measure him at 38wks and if 8+ lbs deliver him then.

Last wk at my 34wk check my measurements/weight were good. She felt him, said he didnt feel overly big to her, asked if I felt he was to big(no), and said she felt comfortable not doing the u/s if I was and just inducing at 39wks(dd2 was induced at 39wks2days) to be on the safe side. I am completely comfortable with that plan.

I dont think its unwise to avoid a csec if possible. I have no idea if your doc will push it. I would think its hard to say at this point since youre only half way there. Bring up your concerns at your next appt and gauge his reaction/advice then. Gl mama
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