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Re: *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

Originally Posted by Liadan23 View Post
alright, i thought i had a picture of it in my camera, but i didn't. so then i had to wait until the weekend to get one because i don't get home from work until after dark during the week, but this weekend it was dead so i guess the mystery continues. i'm going to try and transplant it somewhere else in the spring (which was my main reason for wanting to know what it is...i want to do it right. but i think i'm going to just wing it), so i'll know if it's a bulb or what in the spring!

sarah, it's not the first link you posted and the 2nd one wouldn't open. ah well. i'll figure it out eventually regardless, it was pretty.
I guess we'll see this spring!
i FINALLY planted my indoor garden last week! yea! i've got spinach, lettuce, radishes, and cilantro going, and they're all already up and growing! i get some crazy fast germination when i plant stuff in my house under lights. i planted on wednesday and by saturday morning when i went to check, i had little seedlings in every pot except the cilantro (which came up today) is that normal? anyways, i'm a little concerned though because last night i noticed several roly polys (sp?) crawling around the pot i have the spinach in. that pot came in from out in the garage, i'm guessing they hitched a ride? anyways, they're in my basement, so i'm not too worried about the "critters in my house" aspect as i am them damaging my veggies somehow. can roly polys do damage to plants? if they do, how do i get rid of them?
Sounds awsome!!!!
From what I know they do eat veggy plants. DE should work fine on them.
i'm also thinking of trying to get some sprouting seeds and growing sprouts over the winter, just to round out my veggie options. i'm sort of loving the challenge of finding ways to get fresh homegrown veggies in winter!
Speaking of such, a bell pepper has 2 thumb nail sized fruit!! I'm so excited. Ray said he will try and fit a green house into our plans. Soooo many plans. Wish I had a way and space for a grow room. The basement sound so nice. I need MORE room!
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