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Re: 2WW 11/9-11/16

Well, my cycle sucks this month! I had a late-ish O, and today I woke up to a significant temp drop and AF this afternoon. Dumb. I thought because I O'd later than last month that I would have a longer cycle to keep my LP the same......but a 9 day LP is no bueno. I'm out for the month, and gonna go to NTNP at least through the holidays. Also thinking about taking bc pills for a couple months to regulate things. All 3 of my girls were conceived the first cycle coming off of bc......since my 3rd DD I haven't been on any kind of bc, so maybe that would make a difference for me.

I don't know. I do know that I am tired of the bfn and stoopid AF. I'd like to not think about any of this for a little while.

Everyone have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!!
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