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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

My first son was a severe shoulder dystocia with a severe, lifelong brachial plexus injury for him and broken tailbone/severe tearing for me.

It took a long while (around 34 weeks pregnant), but I found a doctor who was willing to let me have a trial of labor with my second (I went through 3). I had a lot of red flags with my first labor of an impending s/d, so we thought if I showed even 1 sign, we'd go right in for the c/s. I was going to have to sign a document stating I knew the risks and would hold no one responsible if anything happened. Well, I ate perfectly and worked out 6 days a week with #2 and prayed that God would shut the doors if a vaginal birth would not be the healthiest for my baby. I would rather have surgery than another one of my babies have the surgeries, therapies, and limited movement that #1 had! Well, my second son turned breech 7 days before his due date!!! The doctor tried 5x to externally rotate him with no luck. It started contx and it was like, "Okay, God, you are shutting the door. I trust Your plan over my own and will take comfort in it." He gave me such a peace.
I got wheeled in for the c-section and my 2nd kiddo was 1 lb heavier than my first!!! 9.9 to 10.3. I was very thankful God shut that door.

-It wasn't till after his c-section that I learned that moms who experience a shoulder dystocia have a 7x GREATER chance of another one occuring. It made me so thankful to have had the c-section. I did everything to lessen risks of s/d with my first and it was so severe (homebirth, no induction/interventions, moving during labor and pushing, etc) and he needed resuscitated and got so injured. I think if I had tried to have my second son, he would have fared even worse.
I had a c-section with #3 and #4 as well.

They suck, but they do a better job of getting my babies healthy into this world than my vaginal birth did. Surgery is not fun to recover from, but my oldest son goes through so much that I'd go through a million surgeries to not have another child go through that.

There are a few threads maybe a couple pages back about this topic. S/d are very scary and many times the baby suffers (as you'll read if you go through them). It's not an easy thing to figure out what to do next time.
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