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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

My first 2 had dystocia, the second much worse than the first. When I got pregnant with number 3 we did talk a lot about a csection, some of the midwives in my practice (freestanding birth center) did push a section, some thought I should do a trial labor. I went back and fourth a lot and in the end decided I had to at least try. We worked with a peri and a group of obs in addition to my midwives to try to come up with a plan we were all ok with. We learned the dystocia was being caused by a platypelloid shaped pelvis. The plan we came up with was to induce at 39 weeks, change up my pushing positions and they were only ok with me pushing for an hour ( pushed for 3.5 hours and 6.5 hours with my first 2). And like someone else said even 1 red flag and we would do a section. My 3rd birth was my most medical, I ended up asking for an epidural for the first time and had almost every labor intervention possible but I pushed 1 time and she was here. They think the epidural allowed her to turn to a better position. With my first 2 I had the urge to push pretty much as soon as I was completely dilated a d while they were in a great position for most women (left occiput anterior) but the best position for me was occiput transverse.

So for me 1 dystocia would not be enough to make me automatically go to a section but i would be a bit more cautious during labor. Even for me 2 dystocias were not enough to make me go to a section.
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