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Re: This kid is throwing me for a loop!

Originally Posted by SaraElise View Post
For a while when my now 22 month old would get the slightest bit frustrated she would run into the living room where was carpet and throw herself on the ground and fake sob. It was good that she left the room because it was SO hard not to laugh some of the time!

I think she was just becoming more aware of the fact that she could control her emotions, and was having some fun testing them out

She still fake cries sometimes now, but isn't quite so dramatic about it, and usually if we ask her to stop, she will.
This is my 20mo. She gets frustrated and starts a tantrum. Doesn't know what she wants, or you don't give her what she wants, or you do something she wanted to do, and she throws herself on the floor pretend cries and screams then gets up and walks away. I walk away and laugh.. every single time. She's just learning her emotions and this is her reaction.

Originally Posted by Zoethink View Post
Is she reliving a time when she did really have a tantrum? Remembering a time when she really did fall off the couch and it made her cry? Or something like that? My DS is 21 months and he replays all kinds of scenarios over and over again; my husband will leave for work and DS will cry (for real), and then throughout the day he will point to the door, say "dada" and pretend to cry. I basically just repeat the scenario to him; "Dada left for work and you were sad to see him go, you cried", and that satisfies him until the next time he thinks of it.

These 20 something toddlers sure are interesting to watch!
My DD also relives things. She will pretend to fall off of something and pretend to cry. The pointing to the couch, pretending to climb up and then pulling her leg down and starting a tantrum kind of makes me think maybe she's doing something like that. Or she's afraid that if she gets up there she will fall.
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