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Re: National Preemie Awareness Day

I don't have pictures handy at the moment, I'll try to find some. I have two preemies.

My 36 weeker, Melanie, was 5 pounds 4 oz at birth, 4.11 at her smallest. She just turned 11 and is now just a couple of inches shorter than me (but I am just 5' tall)!

My 33 weeker, Hazel, was 4 pounds 1 oz at birth and 3.7 at her smallest. She is nearly 8, and still tiny, wears a size 5 or 6 in most clothes.

My last baby, Beatrix, was 37 weeks and 2 days after p17 shots (yay, full term) and was my biggest, at 5 pounds 14 oz. She's 20 months now and a little spitfire!
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