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Re: new gmd organic workhorse diapers are in

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
I like mine ok, but I've never tried the bleached cotton version. The material is soft and they look super cute on, but oh my these are NOT good for EBF babies. Poo leaks everywhere every. single. time. I refuse to use them with woolies anymore - they're a PUL cover only kinda fitted. I think the problem could be solved if the leg elastic went up a little higher on the leg.
I know what you mean. I had that issue that last time I tried them (the white ones, and with a different baby.) But I am hoping that we won't have that problem once my baby grows into them a little more.

I am assuming they are made that way because it is easier/more efficient to do the elastic in one straight line instead of angling it with the contour of the diaper towards the back of the leg. But yeah, it would contain messes more reliably if they were sewn differently. I do not have any of the old ones to compare to, but I think the elastic seems to go back a little further than it did the last time I tried them, which was a year or two ago.

I think if I had my baby in reds, which would be his "correct" size, they would probably hug his legs more snugly. Which size are you using and how old/big is your baby? I just don't want to buy reds if he is only going to be able to wear them for a short time. For us, I think skipping reds is the way to go. I have been using a nylon pull on cover under our wool longies if I am worried about possible leaks. Or, even by using a doubler it snugs up the legs and keeps them more leak resistant.
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