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Re: Looking for advice/similar stories

I agree with all of the previous posts about giving yourself time to heal and process the emotions from your birth. I think we all picture the ideal birth for our LOs and there is definitely a mourning process that needs to occur when it doesn't happen like we had imagined.

I am a labor and delivery nurse and also a FTM, due in February. What I can tell you from my experience is that a shoulder dystocia does not automatically mean that you will need a C/S for your next baby, however it is something to consider. Like some of the other mamas said, severe, permanent damage can occur from a severe shoulder dystocia.

On the same token, if we have a mama come in to have her baby and we know she has a history of a shoulder dystocia, the nursing staff and providers are on notice that it might happen again. With that in mind, if you are showing signs of possibly having another shoulder dystocia (slow progress, baby's head remains high) they may want to 'intervene" sooner.

My best advice is to celebrate your healthy baby, go through the grieving process and keep an open mind for any future LOs. Don't back yourself into a corner, you do have options. Good luck!
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