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Re: Help me with girls names...PLEASE!!!

MIL's middle name is Lynn-but that doens't really matter because DH want's his mom's name. I am working on the Lilah Grace Deborah Seguin...he is not really buying it though. He is very sensitive about his mother....she lives in ONT and he has lived away for her for her since he was in his early teens as he wanted to move here to live with his dad when they divorced.

She is a nice women that loves her son but has not shown a ton of interest in me. I feel more like a baby machine that produces her grandchildren and that's all to her. She has never made any effort to spend time or get to know me when she comes to visit. It hurts my feelings and DH kind of gets it but not really. It makes it very hard to get REALLY excited about using her name too for these reason's and to boot DH's step mom who lives here is REALLY super amazing to me. The best Memere to our children and really values and loves me as an important part of the family.
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