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Re: Large SEZ, BG and WAHM diaper & lotsa inserts!

What I have for sale is what I have posted, except the Zorb inserts. I think I about 10-15 of those. I could put whatever I have left in a FRB for $45. LMK if that works for you.

Originally Posted by ksmingler View Post
sorry i am all over ebay, craigslist, fb and the internet in general trying to set up a "stash" Is what you have listed on page one what you have left or is that the original list? mostly inserts or all inserts?> my zip is 42104. dont ask me to think of a price a: i am not sure of what you actually have or what it actually is (new to cloth diapering) and b: i would be all "ummm 1.50 and you pay shipping" so what do you have and what is it currently priced at? thank you - kelly
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