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Do you get much adult interaction?

Particularly those who are SAHMs. How much adult interaction, other than your SO, do you get?

We moved here in March, 2011, and we have only met a handful of people. We know and are friendly with one set of neighbors, but I have no friends. While we were in our foster parent training class we met a couple that we really got along with and we sat next to them the entire 13 weeks, but we never got together after the classes ended. My husband happened to run into the wife at the grocery store last week, and they talked about getting together. She texted me later that evening, and we set up a date to go over to their house for dinner tonight.

We went over there, and I had SUCH a good time. I could really see her being a good friend, which stinks b/c we are looking to move. *pout* Anyway, it was SO nice have adult conversation outside of my DH. We have a lot in common with them, but at the same time we are different enough that we find each other interesting so conversation flows really well. It has been a long time, even before we moved here, that we have had that. We already have plans to get together again next week, and I can't wait. lol

I'm excited that I may finally have a friend here, but at the same time I'm sad b/c I know we will be moving. She is a SAHM like me, and she doesn't fit in well just like I don't (small towns, locals aren't keen on new people, you need to have the right last name to fit in, iykwim), so we have kind of a connection there. We both get really lonely during the day. She is home with a 5 month old, I'm home with a 13 year old. I'm not good at making friends to begin with, b/c I'm horribly shy, but it will be nice to have a friend at least until we move.
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