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Question about Trade

So I worked out a trade with a mama on here and we agreed to a ship date. I sent on said day and awaited my package from her. Once I knew her package should have arrived to her I messaged asking if she had received it and asking when she had shipped mine and if she had the delivery confirmation number. I didn't hear back so few days later sent another message asking the same thing as my package had still not arrived. She finally messaged back saying she had to travel for family issues, had taken my item with her but hadn't gotten to ship it but had called her mom and had her ship that day. This was over a week since agreed on ship date. I waited till the package should have arrived and when it didn't I messaged asking if she had the DC# so I could track and if she knew how the package had been shipped. She messaged back saying she would ask her mom for the DC# but knew it had been shipped priority because she had told her mom to send that way. I told her if it was shipped priority it should definitely have arrived already. She never messaged me back but I finally received my package a few days later. The package was sent priority but not till six days after she assured me it was sent and the same day as my last message to her. To top it all off she had told me my item was in like new condition but it was not I messaged her letting her know of my frustration in the communication and shipping as well as the item not being as described. I'm not wanting to trade back or anything but she never even acknowledged my message. Bottom line I'm trying to decide what kind of feedback to leave.
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