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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

So I am going to stand up in front of the class....
Hello my name is Melissa. I am stalking sarahannecloud9. Hi Sarah
First sorry for your loss - Liz...

I have 12 chickens but I am not a great chicken mama.
(This is like self help for the farmer in me!)
One chicken is called Lucy, she is slightly taller, thinner and bigger
The other eleven are called Henny Penny cause I can't tell them apart.
I don't know what breed they are AND purchased them "ready to lay".
If you all aren't shunning me yet THANK YOU!
Our girls are free range, today that meant being on my patio on my POOL table, under the trampoline and perched on a sheep. They are supposed to stay in the barn yard and pasture but hop the fences and frequently need shooshing back over.
I like having them here and we are planning to get about 20 more. I want to put more planning into the next batch we get as our first girls were bought quickly for our farm status and not because we wanted that breed. I hope one day I can hatch them as I am hoping they will then let me touch them - ours are gently herded places but not picked up.

So HI everyone!
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