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Re: NTNP November 18th - 24th

Originally Posted by KatieB621 View Post
Finally back from doctor. DS has croup and a mild ear infection. Dr. said he could be contagious with the croup for another 24 hrs. and that he may not feel much better until Thursday or Friday. He's on 5 days of antibiotics (2 x a day) and 5 days of steriods (also 2 x a day) to clear it all up. His fever still hasn't gone below 100-101 all day. I guess the good news is that it wasn't my worst fear, pnumonia, and he didn't have to go to the hossy. Bless his heart!
It is so hard when they are sick! Praying that he will be feeling better soon!

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
It's always so hard to watch them struggle when sick. My DD and I are both still sick from some nasty thing DH brought home 2 weeks ago.

We have the humidifier going, lots of liquids, and I have DD sleeping elevated as much a possible. (I have a towel rolled up under her mattress. And she is sleeping on a pillow. I know pillows are a no-no but she had major reflux issues so she has slept on a boppy since she was 2 months old. She co-slept with us when she was little. It was the boppy or we would have to each take turns staying up and holding her up for her to sleep. )
Hoping you both feel better soon!

AFM: Baking pies today! So excited to spend tomorrow with family and then Black Friday shopping! My goal is to get all my shopping DONE!!

Have a great day girls!
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