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Re: help with turkey

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
I have a bag for it to go in. Do I still have to baste it then?

And if the parts aren't in a bag inside can't I just leave them there?
You don't have to baste. Just be sure you add a little flour to your bag and shake it before adding the bird. I do get a really nice crunchy skin on mine using the bag and it results in a more flavorful bird IMHO (we eat a lot of turkey as a chicken is too small for our family. I have 8 in the freezer right now,lol)

I do pull out the giblets and neck because the thought of cooking them with the bird grosses me out for some reason. I use teh broth to make gravy and I don't want the neck and giblet juices in it (though giblet gravy is said to be wonderful!)
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